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GB Safety offer a range of safety advice services from "off the shelf" to more specific tailoring to your business needs.

We have many years of knowledge and experience which helps you stay up to date with Health & Safety legislation. across all Health, Safety and Environmental issues.

Our retained safety advice services offer affordable fixed fee peace of mind. The menus to the left of the page outlines the "off the shelf" packages, but if you require a more ad hoc service, example of the services we provide are below.

Health & Safety Policy

This is a legal requirement under THE HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK ACT 1974 for organizations with five or more employees. A Health and safety policy formalizes the organizational arrangements for health and safety management. It identifies not only who is responsible, but also gives rules and health and safety procedures for all the relevant legal and business issues. Evidence of a valid health and safety policy is normally required by your clients or insurance providers. Contact us now for developing your health and safety policy.

Harness and Lanyard Checks

We now offer a harness and lanyard thorough examination service, carried out by a competent person, as required. We can inspect your fall arrest/work placement equipment and assist you in maintianing your records to ensure that the thorough examination happens as scheduled every 6 months.

Detailed inspections: These more formal, in-depth inspections should be carried out periodically at minimum intervals specified in the employer’s inspection regime. It is recommended that there is a detailed inspection at least every six months. For frequently used lanyards it is suggested that this is increased to at least every three months, particularly when the equipment is used in arduous environments (eg demolition, steel erection, scaffolding, steel skeletal masts/towers with edges and protrusions). Detailed inspections should be recorded.

Interim inspections: These are also in-depth inspections and may be appropriate in addition to pre-use checks and detailed inspections. Interim inspections may be needed between detailed inspections because the employer’s risk assessment has identified a risk that could result in significant deterioration, affecting the safety of the lanyard before the next detailed inspection is due. The need for and frequency of interim inspections will depend on use.

Fire Risk Assessment

We offer companies a complete fire risk assessment package which includes fire policy, fire risk assessments, emergency plans and fire training courses. The fire risk assessment package offers a highly cost effective solution to industry such as hotels, offices, warehouses, factories, buildings, shops, schools, and manufacturing establishments. Make sure you meet the new Fire Legislation brought in on 1 October 2006.

Hazard & Risk Assessment

Every company in the UK is under a legal duty to arrange for a "competent person" to assess all health and safety risks in their workplace. We can arrange for a qualified health and safety consultant to carry out a full hazard and risk assessment review on your behalf, including fire risk assessment, general risk assessment, and health and safety training assessments.

Appointed Health and Safety Advisor Service

Health and Safety legislation requires every employer to designate a ‘competent person’ to assist with health and safety at work. Many organizations can’t justify employing their own safety staff due to the cost of a full time employee. The Appointed Safety Advisor Service provides a real cost effective way of obtaining a health and safety consultant, to keep you up to date with legislation and keep you company legal. We will work with you to assit you in decideing how much suppoert your business needs. We have some "off the shelf"packages, but we aim to tailor the package to suit your business requirement.

3rd Party Accreditiation

If your company requires 3rd party accreditation such as SafeContractor, CHAS or SMAS, we can help with the completion of the accreditation and remove the time consuming admin tasks from you. We can assist and advise on the requirements of the accreditation as we have several years experience of working with the accrediting bodies


Training Courses

The legal requirements to train people starts from the very first day of employment, we can provide you with individually tailored health and safety training courses that address your specific needs either in-house, or at our safety training venue delivered by health and safety consultants


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